Praying for the Arabic Church in Israel – Prayer for Israel Podcast #4

When we pray for Israel we need to pray for ALL of Israel! Our ministry has a powerful outreach and discipleship ministry in Arabic reaching Israelis and the entire Middle East with the Gospel of peace, and we need your prayers! Learn more about how to pray for the Muslim seekers and Arab Christians in Israel.

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Learn more about our Arabic Ministry.

Israeli Arabs and Jews. United in the Gospel

Archaeological find upends secular academia – Pod for Israel

It seems that almost every month we have a new groundbreaking discovery in Israel that shakes what would seem to be established academic theory. The lead tablet discovered on Mount Ebal is one of those fire-starters that has been surrounded with controversy. Join with us as we unpack what was unearthed and why secular scholars are so afraid of this tiny tablet.

Join us and help us uncover the truths of the Gospel to Israel and the nations!……

Sued for the Gospel. Will they Shut us down?!

The Gospel is impacting Israel like never before. Part of the evidence of our impact is the opposition we face. As many in the Orthodox community are coming to faith we were taken to court recently because of their family members who started following Yeshua. They sued Google and One for Israel ordering us to take down our videos. Will Israel uphold freedom of religion or will we be forced to shut our Israeli social media channels? Join us as Dr. Erez Soref shares about the legal battle and the results of this important case in Israel.

Join with us and help more hear the life giving Gospel!

ARISE – Bless Israel with Jesus

Worship: John 3:16 in Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, English, Korean and Persian

The only person who unites us and makes us brothers and sisters in one family is the Lord Jesus, the Messiah!

Today we declare this love, He loved us first when he gave Himself and died on the cross to forgive our sins and give us life through his death and resurrection. Jesus loves everyone and He wants everyone to have a life and a better life.

Through this project, we declare that true hope and peace are only in Christ Jesus – Hallelujah!

Hebrew: Keren Silver…

Korean: Love Story / 사랑이야기

Russian: Tanya Kadin…

Persian: Vahid Norouzi…

Arabic: Nizar Francis…

English: Eniola Abioye…

Musical arrangements and production: Maroun Beem.
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Maroun Beem at M.B. Studio, Haifa

Lyrics: John 3: 16 (Ki ko ahav)
Composer: Sasha Atlas

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Passover Unveiled – 3 Jewish Professors share how Jesus transformed their view of Passover.

Watch how faith in Yeshua opened their eyes to the Passover! Watch the full film on Youtube…

We created this powerful family guide for our friends to host their own Passover Sedar dinner at home. A Passover celebration is essentially a meal, called a “Seder”, with different elements that help remind us of the miraculous exodus from Egypt and our Messiah’s salvation as the Passover Lamb of God.

Passover at home

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