Public Challenge To Steve Anderson

10 Questions For Steve Anderson

1. Where is the resurrection of DEAD saints mentioned in Matthew 24, Mark 13, or Luke 17 and 21?

2. Did Jesus and Paul preach the same gospel?

3. Can you provide documented proof of Bible-believing Christians teaching a pre-wrath rapture before 1830?

4. Please explain the prophecy Jesus gave concerning the rebirth of the Fig Tree in Matthew 24:32-34.

5. What is the “fullness of the Gentiles”, and when will it come in?

6. Who are the “elect” mentioned in 2 Timothy 2:10?

7. Could you please give ONE reference in the Bible where the words “the tribulation” or “the great tribulation” are used as a title for this coming time period?

8. If all Christians gave up looking for the rapture, could we stop the New World Order?

9. What city will Jesus rule and reign from during the Millennium?

10. Who brings in the New World Order? God or Satan?