How To Get Rid Of Your Old New Version

Now that you have decided to read and believe the King James Bible, what should you do with your modern “Bible”? The first thing you should NEVER do, is try to give it away or sell it! If the Lord has convicted you about the serious errors in the new versions, why would you give it to someone else?

There are four things you can do with your old, corrupt Vatican version.
1. Throw it in the trash, and it will end up in a garbage dump.
2. Burn it according to Acts 19:19.
3. Keep it to show people the corruptions in it. If you choose this option, make sure you clearly mark it as a perVersion with stickers and permanent markers.
4. The last option is the best deal. You can send your new version to me, and I will replace it with a decent copy of the King James Bible (if you NEED one).

My ministry address is:

Bryan Denlinger
King James Video Ministries
P.O. Box 161
Hopeland, PA 17533

If you want to exchange your new version for a KJV, please include a small note requesting a KJV. You can send your old version by USPS “media mail”, because it is a book. This is the cheapest option.