Share the HOPE of the RESURRECTION! – Special Gospel outreach in Israel

The last few years in Israel has been full of crisis and fear, and in this time many have had their minds on death and what is to come. So our team created a powerful film to share the hope of the Resurrection with Israel today! Help support this powerful film and reach Israel with the Hope of the Gospel by partnering with One for Israel.

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Share the Hope of the Resurrection

Watch the film with English subtitles

Death Life & the HOPE of the Resurrection – Gospel film

You’re going to die.
Maybe tomorrow, maybe in 50 years but like every generation before us our turn will come to say goodbye to this body. From dust we came and to dust we’ll return – just as we arrived we will also depart – naked and empty handed.

But what if death is not the end?

We’ve made this new evangelistic video tackling the darkest taboo of them all: DEATH. In the last few years of crisis after crisis many have had to think about death lately, and are starting to think about spiritual things as a result. We want to make sure that they hear about Jesus and the new life we have in him, the hope of resurrection glory!

Please pray that everyone who needs to hear this message would find it! If you want to help us promote it far and wide, find out more and partner with us in the link below.

Share the Hope of the Resurrection

Is the end of Bibi the end of Israel?? Pod for Israel with Dr. Erez Soref

Some leaders are saying this new Israeli government will destroy Israel completely! Sadly even a christian ministry leader jumped in the fray cursing the proposed new prime minister Naftali Bennett promising to fight against the new government with all his might. But what’s really at stake here? Is there an Islamist or left wing takeover afoot? Dr. Erez Soref joins our podcast to demystify some of the noise around the current election process in Israel and explain what’s really needed to bring peace in these troubled times Israel is facing.

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The call for spiritual leadership in troubled times. – Dr Erez Soref

Dr. Erez Soref shared a powerful message of hope and fortitude at the 2020 – 2021 DTS commencement ceremony in Dallas. Erez shared how engaging in ministry often leaves leaders with a target on our back, and encouraged the next generation of leaders in ministry to stand strong in faith and lean on God’s grace in these difficult times ahead.

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Bible College

The Hypocrisy of Christian Antisemitism – Dr. Seth Postell

From the headlines on the news, to the comments on social media we’ve seen a huge uptick in antisemitism around the world. But what’s most disturbing is when we see these remarks among people who claim to be followers of Jesus. Dig in with Dr. Seth Postell as he shares about the insanity of Christian antisemitism and what it means to love the Jewish people.

Dr. Postell is the academic dean at our Bible college in Israel, learn more about our ministry in Israel in the link below.

Bible College

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Undesigned coincidences – Revealing the Author’s thread through scripture.

In this podcast we dive into Undesigned coincidences, how separate scriptures penned by separate authors in different times come together to give a deeper picture on the narrative of scripture. Eli HaiTov is one of our staff who’s helping to respond to seekers with apologetics answers to our Israeli seekers. He’s also a worship leader here in Israel, you can check out Eli’s music here!…

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Evangelism Media

The Ceasefire holds, but the war of propaganda and rages on. – Pod for Israel

The day after the ceasefire was like a breath of fresh air, after a brutal 11 days of terror and chaos. But as the smoke clears on this battlefront we see the lasting effects of this battle in Israel and around the world as blatant lies and antisemitism run rampant. IDF Capt. Matan Ohana joins us to talk about the propaganda war and the trials and battles we face today and how the source of the troubles we face is human sin.

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