The Cross of Moses – Jesus in the Torah – Pod for Israel

Does the Battle against Amalek give clues to the Victory on the Cross? Dive in with Dr. Broshi as we discover more of the types and shadows of Yeshua our Messiah woven in the narrative of the Torah.

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Top Rabbi on the defense after many in Israel turn to Yeshua! – Pod for Israel

Dr. Bar’s book the “Myth the Oral Torah” became the first Messianic book to hit the shelves of the largest book store chain in Israel!! At the same time we had a new anti-Messianic series released by one of Israel’s top rabbi’s, because in his own words “he saw many Jews turning to Jesus”! Dr. Bar digs into some of the new projects we’re producing in response to this series and how many eyes in Israel are opening to the Gospel!

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The Apostle Paul REVEALED! Answering some of the 900+ questions we received about the Apostle Paul.

Shaul known as the Apostle Paul is a lightning rod of controversy especially in the Jewish communities and some messianic communities. We put out a poll to ask our listeners what questions or misconceptions they’ve had on Paul and we received over 900 questions in a little over a week! Dr. Broshi dives into these questions and seeks to provide the context to understand a bit deeper the character and background of Paul and the perspective of his letters.

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Historical Messianic Debate with English subtitles

In a historic first, Dr Eitan Bar sat down with eminent Jewish scholar, Rabbi Chaim Sheitrit, for a live debate. The subject was on the authority of the “Oral Law”: the extra-biblical instructions of rabbinic Judaism passed down from generation to generation. Rabbinic Judaism holds that the Oral Law is divinely authoritative and was given to Moses at Sinai. Dr. Bar naturally refuted those claims, with evidence that it was from a much later date and devised by men, not God.

“Messianic Jews really impress me… I think at the end of this semester I’m going to order that book and read it.” (Comment on Hebrew YouTube video)
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Share the Hope of the Resurrection

There have been several such events in English, but it has been very difficult to find a rabbi who was willing to sit and debate matters of faith in Israel – up till now. We want to express our sincere appreciation to the rabbi for his coming and participating. Rabbi Sheitrit is a “rosh kollel”, the head of the Jewish equivalent of a seminary for advanced study of the Talmud.