Rest, Dear Grandfather, in Peace

Vlog 287 – My grandfather, Lieutenant in Navy and Police, went to heaven when I was in seminary, ironically on “May Day.” God bless you all! – David
PS: Jack Chick used his face to create the character in the tract War Games.

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“Rest, Dear Grandfather, in Peace”

words and music copyright ©1985 by David W Daniels

Waiting with anticipation – Counting the Omer – Pod for Israel

Sometimes waiting is the hardest part, and in today’s crisis we have to practice a lot of patience. We’re in the season here in Israel of “counting the Omer”. God commanded Israel to count the days until Shavot and there’s some interesting revelations on why. Join us for another podcast with Dr. Erez Soref as we discuss how God uses these times of waiting and how He foreshadowed the time of the Disciples waiting for the Holy Spirit to be poured out.

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Evangelism in Israel

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