Answers To Questions: Part 4 of 8

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Answers To Questions: Part 3 of 8

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Answers To Questions: Part 2 of 8

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Answers To Questions: Part 1 of 8

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Revelation 4v7-11, John Davis – 27-12-2015

1. The Cherubim continued…
2. A lion, CALF, man and eagle OR a lion, OX, man and eagle.
3. The difference identifies Lucifer the 5th Cherub.
4. The location of Heaven, it’s NORTH.
5. The Cherubim carry the throne of God to earth at the 2nd Advent.
6. That 5th Cherub Lucifer who became Satan the red dragon.
7. The Trinity.
8. Jesus Christ had no beginning, He is from ‘everlasting!’

Sermon by John Davis at Time for Truth! ministries:…