The Rapture, Part 1 – Time for Truth! E-Tract

Very soon millions of people shall suddenly disappear and the world will be stunned not knowing what has happened or where they have gone. After this great event takes place, the world as you know it, will be left in utter devastation, chaos and confusion like never before. This great event is called ‘The Rapture’ and is predicted in the Bible!
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Written by John Davis.
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Kent Hovind’s Book Is Worse Than I Thought

We REALLY need to pray hard for Kent Hovind! He has been encircled by some VERY wicked people, and they are going to use him to spread some of the worst heresies in all of church history.

YES, it really is that bad!

Upcoming Video On Kent Hovind’s Rapture Views

I wanted to make this video to show that Kent Hovind will be using the same arguments that ALL post-tribbers use to try and debunk the pre-time of Jacob’s trouble, catching away of the body of Christ. These are:
1. Matthew 24 is for Christians
2. No mention of the rapture before 1830 with Darby
3. No proper divisions of scripture, even though 2 Timothy 2:15 demands it!

Romans 7v21-25, John Davis – 27-07-2015

1.When I would do good. 2. You try so hard but still fail. 3. Good intentions. 4. TWO natures following TWO laws. 5. You still sin in your most holiest and sacred times. 6. Is there a sin that you keep doing. If so, the answer is… 7. Your flesh and spirit are contrary to each other. 8. You are wretched and you are chained to a body of death.
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