KJV 400th Anniversary

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If Christianity lacks a comprehensive Law, it can’t bring order to society

During an Apologetics presentation, a Muslim student asked Ravi Zacharias “if Christianity lacks a comprehensive Law (like Islam and Judaism), how can it bring order to society?”. Ravi Zacharias explained to Him that Christianity does not nullify or lack the Moral Law, it transcends it and brings you to the Spiritual reality of the Law.

2:14 Matthew 5:27-28 | 2:35 Matthew 5:21-22 | 3:26 Luke 10:25-37 | 4:21 Galatians 3:24 | 4:36 Matthew 5:17

This is an objection from many Muslims who see the lack of volumes of Fiqh books listing innumerable do’s and don’ts as a draw back of Christianity. Yet if one reads Matthew 5:17-48, Jesus never told His disciples to abandon Moral Law but instead they needed to exceed the letter of the Law. Now I think we all know that trying to adhere to God’s written standards of morality are hard enough, so how can we ever hope to exceed them? This can not be done by one’s own willpower but by being Spiritually reborn and being lead by the Holy Spirit from the inside, to want to be more then just moral (see John 3:3).

As for the other aspects of the laws of Judaism they were not done away with, but instead, their purpose was fulfilled in the life and person of Jesus Christ.

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