Catholics Love CCM

Why do Catholics love “Christian” rock, and yet HATE gospel tracts? Why are some of the biggest “Christian” rock musicians loved and praised by Catholics, while street-preaching, Bible-believing Christians are attacked and accused of “hate speech”?

Why? Because the modern CCM movement is only dangerous to the body of Christ! The LOST world loves CCM!

God is NOT behind “Christian” rock and roll! He will NOT use it, or bless it.

Please Sign The Pure Cambridge KJB Petition

We need to demand a higher standard for those who print the King James Bible! Many publishers like Zondervan and Thomas Nelson, are producing KJV Bibles which depart from the Cambridge text. This brings confusion, and gives the enemies of God’s word one more point to use against God’s Holy word.

Please sign the petition which will be sent to publishers requesting that they follow the Cambridge text, when they print the King James Bible.

Below is the link to the website which I showed in my video.…

Read the article about the variations, if you don’t understand the issue. And then take the time to sign the petition.

Thank you!

I used to be King James Only, but now…

I am NOT quiting on the King James Bible! Don’t worry!

I made this video for new believers in the KJB, to address some of the main attacks which they will face from the Alexandrian, new version supporters.

Go to… for answers to most of the Bible version issue questions that you will come across.

Harold Camping the Minister of Satan

The false prophet Harold Camping is being used by the lost world to mock Bible-believing Christians. The secular media also like to use the Westboro “Baptist” church protestors to make all street preachers look bad.