Two New KJB Video Documentaries

Here is a link to this excellent video on the KJB, put out by Lionsgate movie studios.…

I highly recommend this video. There is one scene showing some blood. (Not appropriate for little children)

The actor who portrays King James makes a comment about sex in the scene depicting the Hampton Court conference in 1604. But these are really the only two problems I found with this film.

I do NOT recommend the video put out by Vision Videos on the KJV. Don’t waste your money on it!

Asking for Salvation vs Trusting

Shows how people mistakenly think they can be saved by simply ASKING or BEGGING for forgiveness, instead of the biblical means of TRUSTING in the substitutionary blood atonement alone of Jesus Christ for salvation.

Wacky Islam

You can buy a copy of this comic book at…. It explains the weird beliefs of Islam, and shows the facts about Muhammed that most Muslims don’t want to know!

Let me note here that I realize that there are different ways of spelling “Muhammed”. I have seen it spelled as Mohammed, Muhammad, and also as Muhammed. Honestly, the spelling of his name is not that important to me. However his name is spelled, it just ends up standing for a very wicked man, who is in Hell right now!

The moon god cult of Islam will damn millions to Hell, unless they repent and turn to the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation. This video was made to show people this fact!


Gives the Bible Definition of the BLOODSTAINED GOSPEL, and exposes modern BLOODLESS GOSPELS preached today

2011 KJB Conference Warning

Let me state that I am NOT calling any of the men heretics, who are speaking at the Dean Burgon Society Conference. I am sure that many of these men are good and will defend the KJV. The purpose of this video is to show the hypocrisy in claiming the King James Bible is THE word of God, and then turning right around and undermining its authority with Greek and Hebrew.

The pastors, missionaries, and street preachers need an English Bible (which God has provided in the KJV!). We can’t use a Hebrew/Greek Bible to lead anyone to Christ!