What AreTongues?

In this video I discuss the points covered in my sermon on tongues, which is available for free download at sermonaudio.com…

This video is a follow-up to the “Danger of Tongues” video which I posted a few weeks ago. I cover a little more detail on the “speaking in tongues” issue.

The PreTrib Rapture

This is a short video covering the basic points of a 2 part sermon I did on the Bible doctrine of the pre-tribulation rapture of the body of Christ. I look at 12 points, and show some scriptures that prove that Christians will be with the Lord in heaven BEFORE the Antichrist shows up in Revelation 6.

A Lamp In The Dark Review

Just wanted to do a quick movie review of Chris Pinto’s newest documentary video, “A Lamp In The Dark.” It is very good and contains alot of great information. There are a few small things I would have done differently, but overall the video is excellent!