Two Nice Rainbow Trout

Both fish caught on the Tulpehocken river in Berks County, PA with an ultra-light spinning rod. Of course I don’t keep the fish, I ALWAYS put them back.

Woodturning / Perpendicular

Here is a video of a very unique fixture I built for my custom lathe. PLEASE NOTE: THIS TECHNIQUE OF WOODTURNING SHOULD NEVER BE ATTEMPTED BY AN INEXPERIENCED TURNER!!! This style of woodturning is extremely dangerous! Please don’t complain to me if you try building something like this, and end up losing your head, arm, or other body parts!

I converted this video from an old VHS tape, so I apologize about the low quality.

Falling A Dead Oak Tree

Had to fall this dead oak tree downhill. I thought it had enough weight to make it through the other tree’s tops, but it got partially hung up, and split on me. Oh well, it made splitting it for firewood easier!

1960 John Deere Log Skidding

I used a local farmer’s 1960 John Deere farm tractor as my skidder when I logged my parent’s property in 2000. Wish I would have had a REAL skidder, but the old tractor worked very well.

Falling 4 Big Tulip Poplars

I felled these four big Tulip Poplars in 2000. They were not only close to our house, but were also only about 20 or so feet from my woodshop (located behind the canoe). All four trees were good and solid, and worth a good bit of money.